Ever wondered What Exactly is Social Media Marketing or how to get started? No sweat, we automate the process so you can focus on what you do best - running your business.

1)     How are you able to get these valuable, unique Social Network Signals? Are they real people or robots?
This is a premium service because we never use robots or automated processes to obtain interactions on these posts. A human creates the facebook status, twitter tweet, google +, pinterest pin, stumbles, etc, and then we interact with our partners across the world to get the highest quality, yet lowest price social network signals. The end result is thousands of users from across the globe, all from different ips, user accounts, countries, etc promoting and talking about your website.

2)     If I cancel my subscription will I lose my current interactions?
No, we will never delete your status, or interactions, nor do we have the ability since these come from real users, and not our own accounts.

3)     Will this help my Google / Search Engine Rankings?
Yes! We follow the best practices and guidelines from highly trusted experts such as Matt Cutts, Danny Sullivan, and Rand Fishkin. SEO and Social media (Online Marketing) are now blending more than ever and if you don’t have social proof to your webpages, you’re losing half the battle.

4)     My website niche is X, will this work for me?
Yes! Because we only focus on the major social network websites, virtually all websites can benefit from these social network signals

5)     Do you allow Adult, Gambling, or Pharmaceutical?
No, because real users are engaging with your content we ask that only family friendly websites be promoted

6)     How many websites / keywords can I promote?
This is based on your plan. Each posting group allows 1 url and up to 5 keywords each. With the Enterprise plan you get 10 posting groups, which means you can promote 10 urls and up to 50 keywords. Please keep in mind we service very large SEO companies, so we can accommodate much larger plans (Please contact us).

7)     Should I get the monthly service or the Super Package?
Luckily you can do both since there is never any “overlap” since each time you get social network signals through us, it’s from different real people, all throughout the world. The Super Package encompasses more websites, volume, and some different social profiles, whereas the monthly focuses on the main websites.

8)     I want to buy facebook fans, twitter followers, pinterest followers, youtube subscribers, instagram, etc. Do you provide this?
Yes, these are one-time services where we provide real fans, followers, subscribers, etc.

9)     Can you create my social profiles for me?
Yes, with some basic information we can help create a great social presence for your business/website

10)  Do you provide management of my social profiles?
Yes, with login details and guidelines to follow we will manage and post to your social profiles each day.

11)  How will I know this is working?
You will get a full detailed report attached to your dashboard, (emailed if Super Social Network Signals), and be able to see your overall social interactions increasing each month for your business.

12)  I’m ready to complete the missing piece of our online marketing!
Excellent! Our real network of friendly users is standing by to help your website get the much needed Social Network Signals it deserves.